Splitter Music Festival 24th - 26th of Novsplitter_web_head27nov_210916.png

SUNDAY, 27th of November 2016, 8 pm
Venue: Ballhaus Ost, Pappelallee 15, 10437 Berlin

Waves & Vibes
Waves & Vibes are as fundamental to all of our ears as liquid patterns and molecular motion are to the music of The Pitch. Expanded to a large ensemble, The Pitch Frozen Orchestra presents a new composition for the Splitter Orchester. Focusing on slowly shifting textures and densities, so slow that you feel your ears shifting down to your feet. Transmit is a trance machine, revolving around the writing and playing of drummer Tony Buck. Unpredictable and psychedelic layers of sound are formed by driving guitar, throbbing bass riffing, chiming chords, swelling organ and propulsive drumming.

8 pm: The Pitch – Frozen Orchestra (Splitter)
With: Boris Baltschun Â? Electric Pump Organ und Function Generators / Koen Nutters Â? Kontrabass / Morten J. Olsen Â? Vibraphone / Michael Thieke Â? Clarinet
and members of Splitter Orchester


9:30 pm: Transmit
With: Tony Buck Â? Drums, Guitar / Magda Mayas Â? Organ, Piano / James Welburn Â? Bass / Brendan Dougherty Â? Drums / Emilio Gordoa Â? Vibraphone, Percussion